Visit Euro Café Coffee and Gelato Bistro and you're in for a treat. Located in the heart of Nicaragua's colonial city, Euro Café offers home-made gelato, pastries, panini sandwiches and Italian style espresso drinks.

Whether you prefer your caffeine fix hot or cold we have something for you!

Euro Café has a wonderful garden and courtyard, friendly staff and free Wi-Fi.

Enjoy all that Euro Café has to offer:

* Gelato! Enjoy our freshly made, on-location, Italian style ice cream. Nicaragua's best and healthiest. Our gelato contains 70% less fat than average ice cream and our sorbets are dairy and fat free!

* Our own espresso and drip coffee. Served fresh by our fully trained baristas.

* Home-made pastries like our signature pinolillo muffin, mango bread, gingerbread biscotti and espresso brownie.

* Unique breakfast alternatives like bagels, yogurt and granola and PBJ made with Euro Café's own home-made peant butter.

* Panini grilled sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

* Salads and Euro Café's famous home-made hummus.

* Free wireless internet.

* Weekly TX Hold'em Poker Tournie style game. (See the events calendar)

* Whole bean Kilambe coffe sales - organic, shade grown, fair trade Nicaraguan coffee.